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MVHR Commissioning
Air Tightness Testing In Scotland

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Airtightness testing throughout the North of Scotland.

Certified Airtightness testing for Houses and small commercial properties.

Results accepted by all Local Authorities in Scotland.
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A Professional Service for Contractors and Architects
Designers and Self Builders

iATS registered: Our certified results are accepted by Building Standards authorities throughout Scotland.

Free advice: Call for free advice about meeting your air permeability targets. With over 25 years of construction experience and a joiner to trade, I understand what works and how to deal with the problem areas.

Lowest possible prices:  The price you are given is the price you pay. No VAT on top. Big savings.

Contractor friendly service: With a trades background I know what you are looking for in a sub-contractor. If it's your first house that has needed testing give us a call.  I offer free and thorough advice.
Results can be sent out the same day.                 

Passive House Testing: Testing to passive house standards.

Pretesting service: To be sure you hit your target, especially when
installing HRV (heat recovery ventilation) and you want to build as tight as possible. Also when trying to achive passive house standards, the tightest of all.

MVHR Commissioning: Now with bpec certification in domestic ventilation, we can commission domestic Mechanical Vented Heat Recovery Systems,  (MVHR) as well as doing your Air Tightness Test. This means even bigger savings.
  What sets us apart from other air-tightness testers is our free advice service.  There is very little we don't know about house construction, air-tightness and domestic ventilation. Houses are designed with an air permeability target found in the SAP report.  More houses are built today with problems being  to air-tight rather than to leaky. Now, with bpec certification in domestic ventilation, we can advise you on exactly what to do when a house misses its permeability target.  I have built many houses and have a good understanding of the different construction methods used today and how to achieve the desired air permeability target.  I know what is needed to make a house super tight, for houses with MVHR, and how to make them just tight enough for houses with trickle vents and extractor fans.
      I am more than happy to share this you, just give me a call and I will go over your build with you and help as much as I can.
No VAT  Big Savings
Contractor friendly and offering deep discounts on multiple tests undertaken on the same day. 
Many tests can be done the next day.  Certificates can be sent out the same day.

No VAT  Lowest Price